Earth Day

We Love Mother Earth – Let's celebrate her Every Day!

Mother Nature is selfless and loving, she deserves the respect and honor that every woman in life does! She provides the resources we need to live out our dreams and simply exist, so let's show her some love, not only on Earth Day but every day! 

Since the conception of The Rode, we have taken proactive steps to ensure we are producing sustainable, high-quality products to do our part in protecting the planet. 

There are endless ways the community can come together to help save our planet. Here are some ways we as a company have come together in doing our part:

Slow Fashion

All products at The Rode are infused with social responsibility and sentiment and are made to last. The materials used in our products are sustainably sourced and quality tested in the USA. 

Our jewelry is made of 14k gold, precious stones, and diamonds – meant to last for a lifetime. We also make sure our designs are timeless and classic so they can be worn for several seasons and even passed down for generations! 

Our soap bottles are not only recyclable but also refillable. We allow you to reorder your favorite scents by sending you a reusable, refillable pouch in a biodegradable bag.

Handmade Production

This has not only helped in creating unique products and more jobs for women, but also means less energy and emissions being used from large machinery to fulfill production. 

Low Waste Policy

Our products are made with precision down to the very measurement to ensure there is no excess waste. By controlling production locally, it also allows us to cut-to-order, leaving no overstock to waste! 

The first step to becoming a conscious consumer is to be aware of how you and the companies you support are preserving the planet's natural resources.

As we come together to celebrate Earth Day, we challenge you to make small changes in your lifestyle, whether it be avoiding single-use packaging or supporting sustainable and ethical brands. With these little changes, we can help preserve earth's resources together!