Small Business Love

Show a Small Business Like Ours Love!

We’re so happy to be celebrating small business month this May and be a part of a community that is working to help others! We value your support and loyalty and strive to bring you the best luxurious candles, hand wash, jewelry, and sustainable tees! Although we are a small business, our mission is much bigger than just producing and selling products. At The Rode, we are passionate about helping women overcome homeless and hardship, giving them equal opportunity in the workplace, and be a helping hand to support their growth while they get their lives back on a stable path.  

As a consumer, you have the option of choosing where to purchase the items you need. When you shop small, your support goes much further than just the production of an item. By choosing to purchase from a social enterprise like us, the money from each purchase goes back into the community, creating more jobs for women who are more vulnerable. You are helping them get back on their feet and create a new road for themselves. With the help of our customers, all of this is possible. We would love for you all to be a part of something that is both meaningful and life changing – not only are you helping change someone's life for the better, but you can share quality hand-crafted products that are made with sentiment with the people in your life. 

We want to provide change for humanity and the planet and do so by making sure all of our products are sustainably made and sourced. Being sustainable means we can improve the quality of life and you can too by shopping small and purchasing from The Rode! There is a ton of hard work that goes into running a business, but our hard work goes a long way because of our mission. We are running and operating a business with purpose which makes our work that much more important.  

As a small business we would love to give a huge THANK YOU to all our supporters who recognize our hard work and cherish our products that are made with love. Our business would not be running if it wasn't for your support, so again, thank you for your help in building up the women's communities that are more vulnerable in Los Angeles and and making the world a better place. We graciously appreciate your help in spreading the word about how others can help create change by supporting small business with a social impact like ours. You give our women a purpose and we want to celebrate that!