Social Responsibility

At The Rode, we strive to maximize job creation for local women transitioning out of homelessness, while at the same time, produce locally to minimize the negative impact production has on the environment.

The women are hungry for creative, inspiring work and are eager for any chance they can get to improve their lives. We are honored to be a part of their journey! 

Local Production

Most production in our industry is outsourced overseas for cheap labor and has always been an issue we have tried to solve, as it’s not sustainable. After seeing a staggering 26% of homeless women in Los Angeles are actively looking for work, we immediately knew there was an opportunity, right here in our own backyard. 

The women are on-boarded with the proper tools and training for a positive experience in the workplace, gaining effective skills, work ethics, and empowerment, to set themselves up for success within their positions at The Rode and later in life within other organizations.

Sustainable handmade local products made in Los Angeles

Magdalena hand-making beaded necklaces

Equal Opportunity

Equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace are core values of The Rode.

-   We do not discriminate against women at The Rode or those who apply. Regardless of their education, past work experience, or history, we welcome all women who are looking for a new road in life.

-   All employees are given an equal opportunity in the position they apply for. We encourage and empower our women to learn new skills and find their niche within a position they will enjoy and feel comfortable in. These factors will help them grow personally and professionally.

-   Fair wage to directly improve their quality of life and give the women the same opportunities as someone who may have been given the resources or access.

Non-toxic natural hand soap handmade in Los Angeles by women


We are grateful for Mother Earth’s natural resources and are committed to doing our part to control local sourcing and manufacturing in ways that are environmentally friendly & socially responsible.

Infused with social responsibility and sentiment, our products embody slow-fashion and are made to last. The materials used in our products are sustainably sourced and quality tested in the USA. 

-   Having a local and controlled supply chain allows us to avoid outsourced shipments for materials and samples coming from overseas, minimizing our CO2 footprint.

-   Handmade production creates unique products and leads to more jobs, whereas factories with mass production limits job opportunities.

-   Handmade production means less energy and emissions being used from large machinery.

-   Low waste policy: By controlling production locally, we can produce on quicker lead-times, allowing us to cut-to-order, leaving no overstock.

-   We are able to manage ethical workforce practices and ensure safe working conditions for our women.

    Non-toxic natural hand soap made by women in Los Angeles
    Hand wash, Wooden Summer

    Conscious Consumption

    To eliminate waste in the fashion industry.

    -   By sourcing and manufacturing locally, we have the advantage of being able to control minimal production waste.

    -   Our products are made with precision down to the very measurement to ensure there is no excess waste.

    -   Our jewelry is made of 14k gold, precious stones, and diamonds, and meant to last for a lifetime. The pieces are timeless and classic and can be worn for several seasons.

    -   Our tee is premium quality & seasonless, allowing you to wear it year-round and avoid the negative impact of the fast-fashion cycle.

    -   Our soap bottles are not only recyclable but also refillable. We allow customers to reorder their favorite scents by sending them a reusable, refillable pouch in a biodegradable bag, reducing our carbon footprint.