The Rode Workshop

About Us

About Us

We are all looking for a path to create a better world filled with equal opportunity, sustainability, conscious consumption, and products we can feel great about. That’s why ours is The Rode less traveled. 

The Rode works with local women living on Skid Row in Downtown LA, giving them opportunities of employment, to think creatively, and to overcome their circumstances.

Fie and Jess founded the company after years of both having their businesses in the heart of Downtown, seeing women experience homelessness on a daily basis.

In 2019, Fie, an impressive Danish-born jewelry designer with a background in trend & business development, began working with women living on Skid Row and felt there was a bigger mission behind it. Jess, coming from an extensive fashion wholesale background, working with some of the world's leading brands and manufacturers, they both saw a unique opportunity to help support local women by creating job opportunities and producing locally.

‘Rode’ is Fie’s last name but also symbolizes the road you take in life!

We are dedicated to working through social responsibility efforts to create local, ethically made products that empower the women making it and the women wearing it.

Each purchase supports women transitioning out of homelessness & hardship, giving them the financial stability and confidence to be creators and champions of their own futures. 


Because The Rode never ends, so let’s keep moving forward.