The Rode Workshop

Why The Rode

Why The Rode

The Rode has taken the unique opportunity to support a community right here in our own backyard of Downtown LA. We support women transitioning out of their circumstances — from homelessness to young parenting, to domestic and sexual abuse — and empower them to be creators and champions of their own futures. We believe everyone deserves a space to feel safe, to heal, learn, grow, and to create and we make it our mission to help them transition out of hardship and strive for a better future. 

Meet Magdalena

Magdalena is one of our Jewelry Makers. She was one of the first to join The Rode and brings so much joy to the workshop. She always has a smile on her face and is loyal. If you are short on inspiration and creativity, Magdalena will get you back on track with all of her creative and amazing ideas!


Los Angeles

 The number of women experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. This is a 41% increase in women's homelessness from 2013-2019 in Los Angeles County.*      



26% of women on Skid Row are unemployed and actively looking for work. At The Rode, we welcome each woman joining our team with open arms, giving them the opportunity of employment and encourage them to grow into a long and successful career within the company.


Resources Needed

Women have reported housing and shelters as the greatest need to improve their communities. Beyond those basic needs, they have selected the resources below that would help to improve their overall well-being.

Of the 21% of people wanting employment and training opportunities, 37% preferred accessing services in women-only environments.*  




*Downtown Women's Center. "Downtown Women's Center 2019 Los Angeles City Women's Needs Assessment". 2019