Wholesale Showroom

Let's Create!

If you are a brand, retailer, creative, or wholesaler looking for jewelry Manufacturing, Exclusives, Private Label, or Design & Development, we would love to hear from you! 

Please contact our showroom at hello@therodela.com for more information. 




Our talented team of women carefully manufacture distinct pieces of jewelry for your collection or private label needs. The Rode brings your sketches to life and creates your pieces by hand, giving you the chance to give back to the local community. We work with metals, precious stones, diamonds, thread, leather, and much more depending on your needs. 



Our seasonal collections allow you to sell and market The Rode designs and product exclusively through your own digital or retail channel. 


Design & Development

We collaborate with you to co-create new designs or finalize your current designs. We will lead the development, manufacturing, and supply chain process as we bring your ideal collection to fruition.


Private Label

Develop seasonal collections based on your aesthetic and business needs. You also have the opportunity to build a profound connection with our female creators and collaborate in telling a deeper story that translates through your collection.